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Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

If you are a house owner and you are deciding between glass fencing for your pool or stairway, you can stop right there. Glass pool fencing and glass balustrade offer a multitude of benefits in comparison to traditional fencing. Just to mentioned a few! Sources: 10 Benefits of Glass Balustrades Frameless Glass Balustrade Installation Guide […]

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What You Need To Know About Glass Fence

If this is your first time looking into changing your old traditional fence to a modern balustrade, there are certain things you should know before you get started. How much will it cost me? Have been considering upgrading your home by purchasing a glass fence to add to a staircase, balustrade or even a pool […]

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Keeping Your Outdoor Glass Looking Shiny And New

One of the most common questions pool owners ask us is what is the best way to keep their glass fence or balustrade clean? The answer to this questions has a lot to do with the type of dirt in your environment, but one thing is for sure—there is a right way and a wrong […]

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Who Are The SPASA & Why Do I Need To Know About Them?

The SPASA or The Swimming Pool & Spa Associate of Australia is without doubt the largest industry body for everything related to pools and spas including security such as glass fencing for your swimming pool. They play a key role in improving the whole industry by promoting safety, professionalism and honesty to the public, hence […]

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