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Glass Surface Protection – Quality Coating That Makes Your Glass Last Longer


You are probably in the planning stage of acquiring your first glass fence or perhaps changing your old traditional fence to a new glass fence. Whether you are looking to purchase a new fence for your swimming pool, balcony, and staircase or for other purposes, you are making a great decision.



Glass is a strong, beautiful, dynamic material and with today’s standards, the toughened glass is stronger than many other materials available on the market.

However, this does not mean that glass fencing is unprotected from everyday dirt, stains, oil and grime that may come in contact with the surface.


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Everyone who invests in glass fencing should think long term and as the upfront cost is higher than traditional aluminium fencing, a bit of care will make your panels last much longer. The solution is to surface protect your panels right after it is installed.

A surface protection for you glass will first and foremost:


  • Reduce cleaning time by 87%
  • Protect your glass against water stains
  • Repel chlorine and other chemicals
  • Protect against oily hands and fingers touching the glass surface


In conjunction with our partners, we at Pacific Fencing are proud to offer you our revolutionary glass coating, especially made to protect glass surfaces.


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Here are some photos for you to consider the importance of surface protection for your glass panels:

 With Our Coating after 1 year

glass coating

 Without Our Coating after 1 year

no glass protection