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Warranty & Performance of our products and services

We at Glass Pool Fencing Sydney are committed to share our great knowledge of glass fencing with you. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us…

Many larger companies bulk purchase their glass from Chinese suppliers. Chinese glass is not tested and carefully manufactured to the same standards as 100% Australian made glass is.

Chinese glass will quite often literally explode when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. There are hundreds of large projects where all the glass balustrade in buildings needs to be changed because it was originally purchased from Chinese suppliers during the construction process.

The type of glass we use is called ‘Toughened Glass’. In order to ensure that the glass is manufactured correctly in Australia a test called ‘Heat Soaking’ is performed on the glass. This basically tests the durability of the glass and rids panels/batches that have Nickel Sulphide Inclusion. If a panel explodes while tested the rest of the glass in that specific batch is considered no good and is thrown away. By ensuring your product is manufactured in Australia you also ensure the safety of the structure and your loved ones.

We get it right. Together we have over 30 years of experience in purely glass and glazing. We actually teach the Glass and Glazing trade at TAFE NSW. The current New South Wales Glazing subject for Glass Pool Fencing (Glass Balustrading), the one we teach at TAFE, was actually written by ourself.

We ensure your fence is ready to go and meet code. A lot of these other places will just put a fence up that doesn’t meet code and then argue the point. By choosing us you are choosing quality, professionalism and safety.

We do all kinds of Glass & Glazing work, so for any enquiries be sure to contact us.